July 2012 Visa Bulletin

Consistent with earlier Department of State projections, the recently published July 2012 Visa Bulletin shows a movement forward for the Chinese and Indian nationals in the second employment-based preference category (EB-2) and . The priority dates for Chinese and Indian workers advanced nearly five months from 15OCT06 to 08MAR07. Priority dates will advance by nearly five months for both countries, to March 8, 2007.

The third employment-base subcategory (EB-3) for professionals and skilled workers advanced will advance 6 weeks for China (01JUL04), 1 week for India (01MAY02), almost 6 weeks for Mexico (01JUL05) and 1 week for all other countries (08OCT5). The third employment-base subcategory (EB-3) for unskilled workers will have a one year advancement for all countries (to 22NOV04) except for India that will advance 1 week  (01MAY02) and China will remain unchanged.






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